About Carillon Point
Our main focus at Carillon Properties is our tenants well being. We strive daily to make Carillon Point a comfortable, secure, and productive place to work. There are many advantages to being an on-site property management firm, the most important of which is having direct, daily contact with our tenants and their needs.

Tenant Services
Carillon Properties offers their tenants a number of value-added services including a health club and showers, friendly parking staff and much more. The management office is located on the first floor of the 4000 building in Suite 4100.

Charitable Giving
Carillon Properties is dedicated to our core values of honesty, humility, courtesy, compassion and respect.
Installing the Carillons in the Main Plaza, 1989

Site History
Located in Houghton (now part of Kirkland), the Lake Washington Shipyards began in the 1870s as a small boat landing owned by boat builder Frank Curtis, who launched his first steamship there in 1901. Shortly thereafter, Curtis sold the property to George Bartsch and Harry Tompkins, who later partnered with John Anderson to create the Anderson Shipbuilding Company.

In 1923, the shipyard company was purchased by Charles Burckhardt, who renamed it the Lake Washington Shipyards. The yard received prominence in the 1930s with the construction of the streamlined ferry Kalakala, but soon mobilized to become a World War II defense plant that manufactured naval support vessels and repaired war-damaged ships.

After the war, the site’s shipbuilding days came to an end and the property was used as a storage and winter tie-up facility. In 1976, it was leased by the Seattle Seahawks football team for offices and a practice field. Ten years later, the Seahawks lease ended and the property was developed into the Carillon Point of today.

For a full history from shipyard to lakeside community, visit HistoryLink.org online here.

Employment Opportunities
Carillon Properties hires qualified individuals who have excellent customer service skills and who have positive attitudes. If you would like to join our team, please contact us.