Tenant Corner


Carillon Properties has a full service accounts receivable and payable department. If you should have questions about an invoice you receive from our office, please feel free to contact our office during business hours at (425) 822-1700.

Card Key Access

Access to the office buildings, parking garage, health club and marina is accomplished through the use of a single cardkey. Upon moving in, we ask each employee to complete an application for a cardkey that can be individually programmed for the uses needed. The cardkey is not affected by magnetic force and is very reliable. All programming is done through our computer so there is no need to exchange cardkeys if you need to add additional access areas. Card Key Application

Hardkey Access

Unless other arrangements were made in the construction of a particular suite, actual entry into suites is by use of a “hard” key. Our on-site key shop can provide additional keys when needed. The key system at Carillon Point is on a “high security” keyway which makes it impossible to have keys duplicated by local key shops.

Health Club

Carillon Point Health Club membership is available to all office tenants on a first-come-first-serve basis. For more information and an online application form please visit our health club page.

Janitorial Service

Carillon Point has contracted with a full service professional janitorial service, Nexus, to clean all tenant offices. Cleaning services are provided on a Sunday through Thursday basis with the cleaning being accomplished between the hours of 6:00pm and 2:30am. If any problems occur relative to the quality of janitorial service, your Tenant Representative should contact the Tenant Services Center and corrective steps will be taken immediately. Carillon Properties provides one on-site janitor during business hours. If you should need assistance during the day with coffee spills, mishaps, etc. please call our office so we may assist you.

Kudos Program

“Kudos” cards can be awarded to any Carillon Properties employee when they provide superior service on the job. “Kudos” cards can be sent via interoffice mail to the Carillon Properties office located in Suite 4100, or dropped off personally to our “kudos box” located in our office. If you have any questions, comments or require additional “Kudos” cards please feel free to call Sue Gemmill at (425) 822-1700.Kudos Card


For more information about leasing space at Carillon Point, please read our leasing page.

Lost and Found

A central lost and found is kept within the Carillon Properties office. All Carillon Properties staff and security personnel will turn in found items to our office. If you’ve misplaced an item, please call (425) 822-1700 during business hours to see if we’ve found it.


Carillon Point has both covered and non-covered parking, as well as valet services. Rates, maps and parking hours are available on our parking page.


Carillon Point Tenant Services personnel or professional security guards are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a problem requiring security assistance during business hours (8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.) please dial (425) 822-1700. If you are in need of assistance after hours, please dial (425) 864-9305, and a Carillon Point security guard will assist you.

Work Requests

If you require an item to be repaired within your suite or need help with a task, please contact our office to place a work order request with the service desk. All work orders will be responded to (and completed if possible) within 24 hours. Some tasks such as hanging pictures, whiteboards or installing keyboard trays will be charged to our tenants on a time and materials basis, with Carillon Properties staff time charged at $35.00 per hour.